Department of Kriya Shareera

Deals with the study of normal physiology in human beings from both ancient and modern viewpoints with sufficient practical training. The corner stone of Ayurvedic physiology is the dosha-dhatu-mala siddhanta. This theory provides a holistic framework to understand how the body digests and metabolises food into subtle forms of matter and energy to create and maintain a delicately balanced internal environment that is conducive to the preservation of the life process. The doshas represent the dynamic balance of opposing factors that govern the physiological processes in the body while the dhatus represent the structural components of the body and the malas the wastes that are thrown out of the body or recycled to support the structure or functions of the body. This department trains the student in basic concepts of Ayurvedic physiology as well as the essential aspects of modern physiology comparing and contrasting the convergence and divergence of ancient and modern viewpoints.