Department of Shalakya Tantra

This is the branch which deals with the Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Oral & Dentistry and Head well being. Our researchers knew the importance to protect and preserve the health of these organs as these are vital and sense organs. Hence known as Uttamanga Chikitsa Tantra.
It has Out- patient department for Eye, ENT and Dentistrey with well equipped Kriya Kalpa Unit, Eye Exercise Unit, MOT Unit and major operation theater for Eye & ENT separately. The in-patient unit caters to the health seekers by providing care through surgical procedures and kriya kalpas- special eye treatment procedures that are both curative and preventive in nature.
Vedic science promoting and regulation of sensual perceptions.
To prepare the Ayurvedic graduates to fulfill the health needs
Training the scholars to leàrn AyurvedaOphthalmology & ENT in academia
Research orientation in unexplored areas of AyurvedaOphthalmolog & ENT
Hand to hand expertise in kriya kalpa and ayurvedic approach.