Department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana

With the help of well equipped labs, this department imparts training in medicinal chemistry and preparation of highly potent medicines from minerals and metals. It also deals with the principles and practice of Ayurvedic Pharmacy with its varied pharamaceutical methods and dosage forms. Knowledge of Ayurvedic Pharmacy encompasses field identification of medicinal plants and other natural substances, collection and storage procedures of raw materials, preliminary processing of raw drugs, elaborate and sophisticated methods of pharmaceutical processing and preservation of prepared medicines. Pharmacy in Ayurveda essentially involves extraction of essential principles from the natural world in aqueous, fatty or alcoholic medium through a systematic process of cooking and their conversion into suitable dosage forms. In keeping with tradition, this department gives shape to the Ayurvedic physician who does not merely prescribe finished medicines, but is also capable of formulating and preparing medicines according to the specific needs of a patient.