Agada Tantra is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, dealing with toxicology. With the supremacy of health sciences, the relationship between toxins and health has been scientifically proved. Hence Agada Tantra branch becomes admissible in today’s context by providing better treatment options in the management of various poisoning, cumulative toxicity and a comprehensive approach to manage cumulative toxicity in our daily life through Agadayoga.


Vidhi Vaidyaka deals with medical etiquette and medical jurisprudence.

Aim of this department is –

Prepare the students to manage the poisoning case and cumulative toxicity.Train the student in Clinical toxicology, extra corporeal toxin remove techniques Postmortem, gastric lavage; endotracheal intubation, antisera – antidote preparation & its administration and court posting for exposure medico-legal case.