This new gift suggestions of one’s Enneagram Nine tend to be:

This new Enneagram is the nine many types otherwise appearance, with every representing a great worldview and you can archetype you to definitely resonates on ways anyone think, become and you can work in terms of the nation, anybody else and by themselves. It’s more than simply a character character which provides notion for the center character traits, since it delves greater with the key reasons, protection mechanisms and you may anxieties that often rest throughout the unconscious levels of one’s character design. Your own Enneagram core particular feels as though a property foot at which i add up from individuation, combination and you may development. Almost every other terms always identify the thought of ‘type’ tend to be resonance, personality, contact, position otherwise style.

It is very important just remember that , different Enneagram looks appearance commonly predicated on behaviour alone, and you can outward habits is . To acknowledge ranging from appearances, it is very important availableness determination – to understand more about as to why a man decides to work inside the a certain ways and just why acting this way is valued because of the one to personal.

Enneagram Nines are passionate by the a wish to be compensated and you will from inside the harmony to your industry and you will, this is why, being accommodating and you may accepting would-be crucial that you her or him. It shoot for a peaceful lifetime and delight in balance, preferring to quit conflict. At the their best, Nines was educated since the self-alert and you may brilliant. They give you brand new present of best, renewable action so you’re able to themselves and globe doing her or him. Less-healthy Nines may be experienced because delaying, stubborn and you may notice-denying. So it is due to a period of going together locate along with folks therefore the eventual discomfort one comes up when this approach is not satisfying.


  • Agreeable: Nines are easy to be friends with. Anybody else sense him or her because open, receptive and you may peaceful.
  • Understanding: Nines have the ability to pay attention to differences and know numerous views, which have a good skills into the synthesis and you can searching for commonalities across the distinctions.
  • Patient: Nines do things into the a relaxed, renewable ways, trusting the pure beat away from strategies and processes.
  • Supportive: Anybody else feel accepted, heard and you will realized from the exposure regarding Nines. They undertake individuals for who they are to discover their complete prospective.
  • Genuine: That which you pick is what you get having good Nine and you may they are unpretentious. Anybody else will be more comfortable with her or him.

Regular Step Designs:

Enneagram nine is in the action middle of one’s Enneagram, however it is the conflicted archetype within centre. Nines control their environment of the not making it possible for other people to control them, generally speaking resisting when you look at the a couch potato ways. Its procedures, and sometimes diminished step, could be focused on maintaining equilibrium and peace. Nines shun conflict. They create common rhythms and you can routines within their lifestyle and draw comfort out of this trend off wedding and their employment and you can environment. Nines should become linked and you can alongside anybody, and that may lead to help you a great “blending” of your energy for the some one nearest on it. This might take the variety of pursuing the habits, passions, passions or even thoughts of those within their sexual area.

Normal Considering Activities:

Nines eg planned processes, quality and you may facts and will, hence, would steps otherwise patterns very quickly. They are also more likely expert on throwing huge amounts of information or detail towards a coherent structure. A great Nine may be alot more difficult-going and you will persistent than simply individuals who don’t know him or her may realise. They are going to rarely show new viewpoint and you may notice-cam which they engage in with people because they do not have to “subject” these to this type of viewpoint lest they weighs her or him off. Nines may be resigned so you’re able to becoming somewhat let down which have specific factors of their existence or dating.

Normal Impression Activities:

Even if Nines feel a selection of intense attitude, it enterprise a level-tempered and simple-going demeanour. They are going to remain strong thinking in order to on their own, allowing other people to tackle the fresh new Nine as the really approachable and you will serene, even though they will most likely not become this way inside. Because the thoughts look really intense into the Nine as well as a lot of time to possess equilibrium, they feel very thoughts in the low to help you reasonable volume regarding strength. Even with their capability so you’re able to mediate incompatible affairs, Nines dislike hooking up due to their own outrage. Anger is an emotionally emptying sense to possess Nines, who have a tendency to just take a little while to see that they are disappointed. It, hence, don’t let on their own to relax and play fury too often otherwise as well extremely. Nines “tune in” with the emotions and you may attitude of those around him or her. If they’re enthusiastic and you may energised, the fresh new 9 commonly display within this determination and you will positivity. A similar will happen when people to are usually feeling down.